home picIn 2008, cosmetics entrepreneur Victoria Jackson faced every mother’s worst nightmare when her 14-year-old daughter Ali was diagnosed with NMO, a rare autoimmune disease—often misdiagnosed as MS—and was given less than six years to live. Rather than accept those odds, Jackson left mascara for medicine in search of a miracle. That story, as narrated by mother and daughter in Saving Each Other tells not only how a death sentence was turned into treatable illness but also how a “rare approach to a rare disease” holds life-saving promise for us all.

Praise for Saving Each Other

"A love story, a medical mystery, it’s an irresistible book that inspires readers — and could reform experts.” —Gloria Steinem

"...about a pathway where two women face their greatest fears and experience their deepest desires together as they take on an incurable disease.” —Anthony Robbins

 "The unstoppable power of these two women is an inspirational experience you will carry in your heart forever." —Dustin Hoffman

 "Bringing doctors together to share ideas and create a dialogue, the Foundation can open the door for solutions to many other diseases -- incredible!" —Reese Witherspoon

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May 18, 2013

Originally published on Huffington Post, 5/17/13

If you've been hungry lately for some soul-charging inspiration -- or for a cookbook by a true Master Chef -- I highly recommend Christine Ha's Recipes from My Home Kitchen (just published by Rodale Press).

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The Guthy Jackson Charitable Foundation’s mission is to fund basic science research to find answers that will lead to prevention, clinical treatments, and an eventual cure for NMO Spectrum Disease.

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