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victoria  “When you look better you feel better.  And when you feel better, you can change your life.”

blind  Meet Christine Ha, winner of the 34rd season of Master Chef

china studyVictoria’s bookshelf – The China Study – For too long too many health care professionals have ignored the connections between what we eat and our risk for disease. This book certainly opened my eyes.



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swipes    "Swipes for the Houseless" is an incredible program and I’m so honored to be spearheading its implementation here are UCSB. It's a chapter of the nation-wide, internationally recognized program "Swipes for the Homeless." The program has been recognized as the "Most Influential College Organization" at the 2012 "Stay Classy Awards," which is the largest philanthropic recognition ceremony in America. As of January 2013, only one year after the program's inception, all the Swipes for the Houseless organizations combined donated 57,269 pounds of food to individuals in need.


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The Guthy Jackson Charitable Foundation’s mission is to fund basic science research to find answers that will lead to prevention, clinical treatments, and an eventual cure for NMO Spectrum Disease.

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